My Chatbot Therapist

Ever heard of a Chatbot therapist? Yeah, I hadn’t either. It would have never occurred to me that something like this even existed, had it not been for a quick glance at an LA Times article on my phone with a headline that quickly caught my eye. “Depressed but can’t see a Therapist? This Chabot … Continue reading My Chatbot Therapist

The Hair I Wear

Let’s be real ladies, and gentlemen you can listen up too! Waxing sucks. If I’m being specific, bikini waxing sucks even more! Now let’s not all get squeamish…we are all adults here. As much fun as getting hair follicles literally ripped out of your skin is, it adds a whole other element when it’s your nether regions. … Continue reading The Hair I Wear

Is Yoga For You?

I never thought yoga would be for me. Nothing about it appealed to me. The thought of holding a difficult stretch for a prolonged period of time while trying to be “relaxed” did not sound the least bit enjoyable. And hot yoga? Forget about it! But the thought of vigorous exercise made me want to … Continue reading Is Yoga For You?

Ethnicity Etiquette

If you are any color other than white, you, like me, have probably been asked all about your shade and where it was made. And you, like me, also know that there is a right way and about a billion wrong ways to be asked about your background. Before I fill you in on the … Continue reading Ethnicity Etiquette

Anxiety Transfiguration

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains some spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Anxiety has so many forms, from general to social to PTSD. I can’t speak to all forms, but I’ve noticed a lot of my anxiety has been coming from the way I think. All any person has is their own personal … Continue reading Anxiety Transfiguration


***Contains Spoilers!*** #1 Moana is Brown! The next brown Disney female character has arrived! Do I really have to explain how having more brown role models can only benefit both kids and adults alike? Not only that, but Moana is also one of the first ladies to join the normally proportioned body club! It’s never once … Continue reading 27 REASONS WHY MOANA IS THE BEST MOVIE YOU COULD BE SHOWING YOUR KIDS (AND YOURSELF) RIGHT NOW!

Pick A Card, Any Card

I had my Tarot cards read the other day. It’s such an amazing practice, and nothing makes me feel more on track than a Tarot reading. Now, I know you may think this is crazy, but my recent reading actually made me start to think about my anxiety in a different way. I’ve been making many … Continue reading Pick A Card, Any Card

Curl Up And Read This

If you’ve ever met me, you know I have some pretty crazy curly hair. Coming from parents of different backgrounds, it was probably a guessing game as to what my hair would look like. My mother has gorgeous thick black hair, and my father has tight black spirals atop his head. My sister got thick … Continue reading Curl Up And Read This

A Memory

I stroll along the San Antonio River walk with my family. My mom, my stepdad, my sister and me. It’s my first time in San Antonio, and in Texas in general! This trip is special because it’s the first time I get to meet some of the family on my stepfather’s side, and they get to … Continue reading A Memory

St. Panick’s Day

Looking out the window, I could tell I didn’t want to go anywhere. It was cold and foggy out, which was not normal for an LA evening. One of those nights where you just want to cancel everything and laze about. But alas, it was St. Patrick’s Day Eve and I had planned a game night … Continue reading St. Panick’s Day

Anxiety Q&A

My anxiety is complicated, and even more complicated to talk about. Everyone’s personal anxiety is different. I’m sure we all deal with varying levels of it every day. In some cases, like mine, it can get very extreme and even lead to panic attacks and days where it affects my ability to function. It’s hard. … Continue reading Anxiety Q&A

Where Does All The Time Go?

Time is so strange. I’m always trying to find more of it, but it evades me. There is never enough time. It never lasts long enough; it never goes faster. But it’s constant, as it always has been. My perception shapes the way time feels, sometimes like it’s dragging on, and and other times like … Continue reading Where Does All The Time Go?

I’m Mixed, Get Over It

I’ve been having an ethnicity crisis my whole life, only I didn’t know how to put it into words until today. Until now. ‘Dear White People’ has inspired me. Let me explain. I come from two very beautiful, very different bi-racial parents. My mother is Hispanic and Italian, my father African American, Native American and French.  And in … Continue reading I’m Mixed, Get Over It

Decisions, Decisions

I’m really bad at taking care of myself. I mean so is everyone. If we were good at it, we would all be happier, nicer people. But I have a really hard time with self care. For some reason, in my mind, taking care of myself equates with being selfish. It often feels like my happiness … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions

Misdirected Middle Finger

Imagine, it’s a warm summer evening. You’ve just gotten off work. The day was a little stressful, but nothing you couldn’t handle. You live in LA and it’s Friday night; nothing can get you down. You hop in your car, get Spotify situated, and begin your commute home. After all, you live in Los Angeles and … Continue reading Misdirected Middle Finger

Good Grief

Most of my emotions and emotional responses are very deep and all consuming. I know that all people feel things differently and to varying levels but I would say that I am more emotional than your average bear. I figured this out very early in life when I came home crying to my mother that … Continue reading Good Grief


These days, I find myself waking up instantly in the morning. When my eyes open, they don’t gently flutter, slowly adjusting to the warm sunlight spilling through the blinds. They don’t groggily open as I roll over, adjusting to my new awakened state. They don’t stay tightly shut as I try to ward off the … Continue reading Awakening

The Kids Are Alright

Yesterday, I had my first real, intense “my parents really fucked me up” and “the way I am is all their fault” moment. Let me explain. I hate, hate, hate confrontation. Did I mention I hate it? There is a lot of conditioning from my past, which I won’t go into, that I now realize … Continue reading The Kids Are Alright